Summer Reading List 2022

The best fiction books to read always contain truth.  I couple my imagination with true things I’ve observed to craft stories that readers can relate to on a personal level. 

Support local bookstores!  My books are available at booksellers everywhere, as well as from online sources, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Check out the titles below:

Of Grief and High Delight and other stories

After three critically-acclaimed novels, Jeff Gephart returns with a diverse, genre-defying collection of short stories that will captivate the imaginations of a broad audience. From the nostalgic biographical wonder of “Moment of Glory” to the gritty realism of the crime caper “Petty Thief,” from the eerie paranoia of “It’s a Long Flight,” to the surreal mystery of the title tale, Gephart weaves a tapestry of literary delights that will amuse, exhilarate, and terrify both returning fans and new readers alike.

Exploring themes like hypocrisy, mental illness, individualism, toxic masculinity, environmentalism, relationships, death, and revenge, Of Grief and High Delight is certain to engage the mind and stir the spirit as it immerses readers in vividly imagined worlds and introduces them to unforgettable characters that will bring them to see their own world with new perspectives.

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Accidental Adulthood: One Man’s Adventures With Dating and Other Friggin’ Nonsense

AA coverMick’s adult life is not turning out the way he’d hoped. His twenties are over, and instead of being the acclaimed novelist and family man he thought he’d be, Mick is stuck running a second-rate California motel and fumbling through an endless succession of hilarious dating misadventures. Most of his friends are married with children, and he feels they look down upon single people like him as merely a fraction of a whole being.

During his version of the modern single man’s search for what completes him, Mick must contend with a cast of quirky and memorable characters that both frustrate and sustain him as he navigates his way toward having to make a momentous career decision that will affect all of their lives.

Accidental Adulthood is a coming-of-age story for the Tinder generation. As Mick begins to face up to his own flaws and struggles to ascertain his place in the adult world, some universal truths are illuminated about family, ambition, responsibility, loyalty, and relationships. ​​ You’ll definitely want to “swipe right” on this book!
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“Gephart’s writing is excellent throughout and never fails to amuse, but Accidental Adulthood is far more than just a humorous look at the dating game. There’s a lot of wisdom dotted around its pages and Gephart nails the disillusionment that comes with the transition to middle age.”
– Kevin McAllion, author of Moristoun

Out of Dark Places

OuttaDarkPlacesLukas Willow was once a musical prodigy, but his life took a vastly different turn when he discovered that he possessed unexplainable clairvoyant powers. Haunted by troubling visions, he has become an alcoholic recluse, his life suspended in a stagnant state of paranoia and self pity. When the mysterious Katie Reiker, a beautiful but emotionally scarred young woman, shows up on his doorstep, an unconventional relationship begins to develop that might just save them both. Time is running out, however. An impending natural disaster that only Lukas knows about forces him to make a difficult decision that will affect the lives and futures of everyone in his town.

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“The author spins a tale that builds inexorably in tension and mounting passion … Gephart develops his characters with multi-layered complexities and fascinations with the kind of sterling finesse rarely found … “
            – Marvin D Wilson, author of Beware the Devil’s Hug
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